Positive Action Project

Supporting employers, colleges and training providers in Scotland to increase women’s participation and progression in STEM and the built environment.

Overview: support for employers, colleges and training providers

We are funded by Scottish Government to provide the following specialist services free of charge:

  • Workshops on taking gender action: Bespoke training to explore the practical, lawful steps you can take to recruit and retain women.
  • Reviews of language and design: Recommendations for making documents such as job adverts, aptitude tests and websites more inclusive.
  • Telephone and email support on recruitment, retention, language and design.
  • Free legal advice from employment law specialists Morton Fraser.

Open and bespoke workshops on recruiting and retaining women

Our training courses are free to attend. Attendees have the opportunity to:

  • Explore the barriers women and girls experience when studying or working in STEM.
  • Review unconscious bias in the STEM workplace and how it affects our decision making.
  • Gain knowledge of the practical steps needed to encourage talented women to join and stay in STEM.
  • Consider the role of language, design and marketing in both the workplace and during recruitment.

Language and design review services: websites, job adverts and other materials

In STEM and the built environment sectors, language and design are often inadvertently aimed at men. This can have a huge impact on recruitment and marketing materials such as job/course descriptions, aptitude tests, websites and flyers.

We can conduct thorough reviews of your documents and make recommendations to make your language more inclusive.

The services are as follows:

  • Quick reviews: Submit up to 2 documents online and we’ll send you our recommendations within 10 days.
  • Comprehensive reviews (recommended): These are for several longer documents such as brochures, prospectuses and websites. We will review your materials and arrange a time to meet with you to discuss our recommendations.

Free telephone support on recruiting and retaining women

We can also give general advice on recruitment, retention, language and design over the phone and email between 10am and 3pm on Thursdays.

Free legal advice from Morton Fraser

We work in partnership with Morton Fraser, a law firm specialising in employment law. Morton Fraser provides free 20-minute legal consultations for employers looking for specific advice on positive action.

Morton Fraser