CareerWISE Placements

2 March 2016

The student experience 

Our Careerwise placements for women studying science, technology, engineering and maths at Scottish universities have been a huge success this summer. With over 800 applications,  42 women  were offered  placements in a wide range of organisations from universities to tech companies like Nallatech and energy companies such as EDF Energy and Atkins.

Caroline was working with Dr Clare Taylor

“My placement was to research into salmonella at Edinburgh Napier University. It was incredibly helpful, if I were to go into a practical role I would be much better prepared and know what to expect. I learned new techniques and worked with a lecturer who helped me to think for myself”

Shamara, who secured a placement at Computer Application Services said,

"I loved that I was working as part of a close-knit team from day one. I was given challenging work that encouraged me to learn on the job, and which also helped create something that made a real difference to the company. Through this placement I've learned several new programming languages, improved my verbal communication skills and gained the kind of massive confidence boost you can only get by through real experience in a caring workplace."

Careerwise summer 2016 placement scheme is now open for applications!


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