Staff Training

Equate Scotland offers a number of workshops that will inspire you to support your staff as you adopt a ‘whole-organisation’ approach to equality and diversity. All workshops are interactive in style, ensuring that everyone who attends is fully engaged with the content. Each workshop takes approximately two hours and can be run for between 10 and 20 participants, depending on your organisational needs.


Participants are encouraged to share their own experiences and assisted to make the most of the time away from their normal working day to approach the issues in a considered and meaningful way.

Equality and Diversity Training

A workshop which raises awareness of equality and diversity issues in the workplace. It supports participants to explore their own views and experiences as well as develop strategies to help them challenge prejudice and unfairness in the workplace. This workshop is suitable for career entrants and younger staff with aspirations to become the ‘managers of the future’.

Unconscious Bias Training

This workshop supports participants to reflect on the unconscious biases that we all hold and the assumptions we sometimes make. It explores how these may impact on our interactions and decision-making processes and suggests strategies for recognising and counteracting bias in the workplace. This session is relevant for all staff, and may

Gender Awareness Training

This workshop outlines the current position of women in the STEM workforce and explores the business benefits of a more diverse labour force. It is suitable for staff who are new to equality and diversity issues and are seeking ways to understand why occupational segregation has an adverse impact on their business.

Employers’ Seminars

Equate Scotland runs an ongoing programme of free half-day seminars for STEM employers. Come along for the chance to hear from invited speakers, share best practice in our group work sessions and grow your professional network over lunch. Recent seminars have covered a wide range of topics including ‘Building the Talent Pipeline’, ‘Recruitment and Retention of Women Engineers’ and ‘Using Flexible Working to Grow a Diverse Workforce’.

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