Universities and Colleges

We support higher and further education institutes across Scotland through a range of activities which focus on staff and students. With 73% of women who qualify in STEM subjects leaving the STEM sector, there is significant work that universities and colleges can do to reduce this drop off and open the doors to STEM to more women.

What we can do with you:

  • Deliver workshops to students and staff on equality and diversity issues (including unconscious bias)
  • Providing organisational coaching for your female academic in STEM departments
  • Support your recruitment and retention programmes to target women into STEM
  • Provide bespoke support for interventions you are launching as part of your Athena Swan action plans

We can help you achieve your Athena Swan Award

Almost three-quarters of Scotland’s Universities have used our experience and expertise to help design and implement their action plans and applications for Athena Swan Awards.

We have experience of chairing and sitting on Athena SWAN panels

What we do:

  • Act as consultants for your action plans
  • Facilitate focus groups to identify and develop action points
  • Deliver career development through workshops, coaching and facilitating mentoring programmes.
  • Deliver unconscious bias workshops and gender awareness training
  • Provide a tailored approach to support your department’s needs

The Athena SWAN initiative is managed by the Equality Challenge Unit.