Game-Based Workshops

In addition to our standard interactive workshops, Equate Scotland also offers two workshops based around online games. Participants work in small groups to choose different routes through various game scenarios – with some routes being far better than others! The games act as a very effective catalyst for subsequent group discussion and the sharing of ideas and best practice.
We require one computer per three participants, and access to Wi-Fi.

Fabulously Flexible: An interactive workshop to support development of flexible working practices

This workshop explores how flexible work can improve working conditions, identifies potential pitfalls and barriers to flexible working and considers whether we might bring unconscious bias to our decisions about flexible working. ‘Fabulously Flexible’ focuses on the challenges of managing flexible working from both a line manager and HR perspective. Managed well, flexible working can both increase your productivity and ensure your staff can achieve a satisfactory work-life balance, as well as complying with legal requirements. It can also present challenges to managers with tight deadlines and complex teams to run.
This session is aimed at line managers, HR staff and anyone with an interest in flexible working.

‘Young Women as STEM Modern Apprentices: Why not?’

This workshop offers a new approach to helping employers consider how they can take positive action to recruit female Modern Apprentices. You will explore how taking positive action can attract female Modern Apprentices and how it can benefit your company. If you are considering how you can take positive action to recruit female Modern Apprentices, or want to build on action you have already taken, then this interactive workshop is for you.
This session is aimed at management level staff and those with a role in recruitment.
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